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Ordering Your Photographs from Jayne & John's Wedding Reception

Online proofs will not always look the best contrast and colour on your computer screen, all final Images are perfect contrast and colour.

Click on photograph below to take you to the Image pages

Browse through the photographs and take a note of the photograph numbers

Decide which size and quantity you require

Send order along with cash, cheque or postal order made payable to 'Mark McInnes'
If you want your photographs posted out add 3.50 for postage and packaging for each order.
Send order along with your address and your contact details to the address above or call in to the studio in Whitefield

Your photographs will be delivered within 7-10 days

Any questions please call Mark on the above telephone numbers www.hereiamcam.com

Worldwide Location Camera's: www.hereiamcam.com

All photographs are available in colour or black & white

Prices (Add 3.50p&p for each order if we are posting to you)

Photograph Only

6x4 inch print 3.50
7x5 inch print 5/in folder 7
8x6 inch print 6/in folder 8
10x8 inch print 8/in folder 10
14x11inch print 15
20x16inch print 25

Photograph Window Mouted Ready to Frame

6x4 inch print 15
7x5 inch print 20
8x6 inch print 26
10x8 inch print 30
14x11inch print 40
20x16inch print 50

Photograph Window Mounted & Framed

6x4 inch print 30
7x5 inch print 40
8x6 inch print 46
10x8 inch print 55
14x11inch print 70
20x16inch print 80

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